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Event: Contrasting electoral worlds: EU vs. USA

The upcoming European elections in June 2024 and the elections in the USA on 5 November 2024 offer an exciting insight into the different political landscapes.

The European elections are at the centre of a multinational Union, characterised by a wide range of parties and views. This year, around 350 million citizens of the European Union are called upon to directly elect members of the European Parliament. In the USA, around 239 million people can cast their vote in this year’s presidential election. The US elections form the centrepiece of a federal republic, dominated by a two-party system consisting of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

How do the differences in the electoral worlds of the EU and the USA shape the democratic decision-making processes and the future of both regions? How do the EU and the US position themselves in the face of global challenges, and to what extent do these considerations influence voters?

This will be discussed on 9 April in Brussels between 12.30 and 13.30 at the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the European Union, Rue Montoyer 47, 1000 Brussels. Interpreting DE – EN will be provided. Registration is required for participation on the site, which is possible via the following link: Open link. The discussion can also be watched online on the Representation’s YouTube channel: Open link.