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In the “Mittagsforum” (Lunch Forum), employees of the institute as well as external guests present planned, ongoing and completed research projects and put them up for discussion. The contributions have a theme that changes from semester to semester. The “Mittagsforum” is organised and chaired by Prof. Dr Michael Kaeding, Prof. Dr Achim Goerres and Prof. Dr Theresa Reinold.

Guests are welcome at any time. Registration is not required.

If you are interested in submitting your own research projects for discussion, please contact Prof Dr Michael Kaeding ( at any time, regardless of the topic and status of the project.

Current schedule of the Lunch Forum WS 23/24

Current schedule of the Lunch Forum

Lunch forum at the Institute of Political Science
WiSe 23/24

Ken Ahorsu, University of Ghana: Securitisation of Migration: An African
Ruth Berkowitz und Kristina Weissenbach, UDE: Activating European Citizens’ Trust in Times of Crises and Polarization (ActEU): Fokusgruppenanalysen in Deutschland, Frankreich, Tschechien und Griechenland. (Horizon Europe-Projekt)
Johannes Vüllers und Ingrid Vik Bakken UDE/INEF: New kid on the block. Organizations in the aftermath of mass protest campaigns.
Julia Schwanholz (UDE), Stefan Wurster (TUM), Helene von Schwichow (TUM), Christoph Mohamad-Klotzbach (Uni Würzburg), Ulrike Zeigermann (UniWürzburg) und David Gelantia (Stadt Freiburg): Soziale Nachhaltigkeit in SmartCities: Konzeptionelle und (erste) empirische Zugänge.
Nele Noesselt und Cao Ruixing, UDE: China's refined Africa strategy: Perceptions and responses to local conflicts across the African continent. (DFG-Projekt)
Achim Goerres und Jakob Kemper, UDE: „Das Herz schlägt links.“ Analysing Costly Solidarity Behaviour of Left-Party Voters in Interactive Surveys from Austria and Germany. (ERC-Projekt)

The Lunch Forum takes place in room LF 156 in hybrid form.

Zoom access for the hybrid format will be sent out before the respective session.

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Michael Kaeding