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In the “Mittagsforum” (Lunch Forum), employees of the institute as well as external guests present planned, ongoing and completed research projects and put them up for discussion. The contributions have a theme that changes from semester to semester. The “Mittagsforum” is currently organised and chaired by Prof. Dr Michael Kaeding.

Guests are welcome at any time. Registration is not required.

If you are interested in submitting your own research projects for discussion, please contact Prof Dr Michael Kaeding ( at any time, regardless of the topic and status of the project.

Current schedule of the Lunch Forum SoSe 2024

Current schedule of the Lunch Forum

Lunch forum at the Institute of Political Science SoSe 2024

10.04.2023 14h-15h Hayfat Hamidou-Schmidt, UDE: Immigrant-Origin Voters and Their Populist Radical Right Party Vote in Europe: the Conditional Influence of Sending and Receiving Country Characteristics.
24.04.2024 14h-15h Nicolai Dose und Lilian Fiala, UDE: Causes of Corruption in German Party Politics
15.05.2024 14h-15h Susanne Pickel und Cemal Öztürk, UDE: Radikalisierungsspirale. Zur Co-Radikalisierung muslimischer und nicht-muslimischer Gruppen.
29.05.2024 14h-15h Paul Vierus, UDE: The Power of Emotions: How Anger and Fear Shape the Impact of Populist Messages on Political Trust and Populist Attitudes
05.06.2024 14h-15h Conrad Ziller, UDE: Fremdenhass durch Wohnortnähe zu ehemaligen Konzentrationslagern? Darlegung einer wissenschaftlichen Auseinandersetzung.
19.06.2024 14h-15h Mark Vail, Wake Forest University, USA: Out of Thin Air: The 'Zeitenwende', State Traditions, and Dilemmas of Contemporary German Energy Policy.
10.07.2024 14h-15h Ruth Berkowitz (UDE), Daniela Braun (USAAR), Alexander Hartland (USAAR), Michael Kaeding (UDE), Ann-Kathrin Reinl (EUI) und Kristina Weissenbach (UDE): To what extent is representative democracy in Europe under pressure? Investigating the attitudinal and behavioral facets of citizens' disaffection (ActEU Horizon Europe Projekt)

The Lunch Forum takes place in room LF 032 in hybrid form.

Zoom access for the hybrid format will be sent out before the respective session.

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Michael Kaeding